City settlement Heilbronn / October 2020

Project for the preparation of a guideline "for the improvement of organic waste quality in large housing estates".

Project with the BIFA Institute and the LUBW

In 2019/2020, we (Stadtsiedlung Heilbronn) participated together with the municipal waste disposal companies in the project for the creation of a guideline "for the improvement of organic waste quality in large housing estates". The cities of Karlsruhe and Stuttgart, each with a housing association, were also project participants together with the BIFA Institute and the LUBW.

In the course of this project, we also tried to generally improve the disposal quality in our waste rooms. In cooperation with Mr. Borgmeyer from the city of Heilbronn and the company Biologic, we were able to test the filter lids for bio garbage cans in 2 objects (Süd-/ Werderstraße and Theodor-Fischer-Straße)[...].

Trial with biofilter lids at large housing estates
Photo: Wellnhofer Designs, Adobe Stock Lizenz

In our new building on the grounds of the Federal Garden Show (2 buildings / 19 rental units and 1 KITA), the common trash room can be reached through the entrance in the underground garage. However, the garbage room has no window and only a ventilation system is used to control the air quality. Before using your filter product, there was generally always an unavoidable garbage smell in the garbage room. Even the ventilation system could not sufficiently reduce this odor.

However, since the introduction of the Biologic filter cover, the air quality in the trash room has greatly improved.
This was confirmed by our janitor, who is on site weekly to put the garbage cans out for collection. In general, there is no unpleasant odor when the lid is closed. This positive effect benefits both our tenants and our janitor. Because in daily use, people are then not put off by a foul-smelling cloud of garbage odor as soon as they enter the room. This makes using the space more pleasant and improves the "waste disposal experience" for our tenants regardless of age. [...]

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