June 2023

In a pilot project, Bonnorange is testing a new lid for the green bin. This should improve acceptance.

The increase in acceptance and image of the bio bin is an integral part of the waste management concept for the federal city of Bonn recently published by the bonnorange AöR. One of the measures planned in it will be implemented from July 17th.

To do this, the waste disposal company is replacing the existing 120-litre bio-bins on around 2,000 properties with new bio-bins with bio-filter lids. Thanks to a seal, the new lid closes odour-tight so that flies can no longer get into the container.

trial period of two years

The material of the integrated biofilter contains microorganisms that break down pollutants and odors into carbon dioxide and water with the help of enzymes. Odors are neutralized.

The material of the biofilter should last two to three years. That is why two years until the end of June 2025 were set as the pilot period. In this way, the widest possible range of weather-related empirical values can be collected, including handling the filter replacement. Qualitative surveys of the participating households are planned during and at the end of the pilot.

Identification with chip

With the replacement of the organic waste bins, another technical innovation was introduced: Each new container is also equipped with an identification chip and an address label with a barcode to ensure clear assignment to the property.

Containers without registration will no longer be emptied in the future. No personal data is stored on the chip.

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