Municipal Direct Magazine / May 2020

Organic wastebin: Protecting the climate, reducing costs, and improving citizen service

Two current municipal examples

Protecting the climate, reducing carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides in the inner cities, and offering even more service for citizens. There must be a catch! Especially if this means that citizens have to do without weekly disposal of their organic waste in the summer in order to achieve these goals.

Koblenz abolishes weekly bio collection with biofilter lids in 2020
Peter Fiebelkorn, authorized signatory of the waste management company of the Neckar-Odenwald district (left) is pleased to be able to offer citizens a plus in service with the biofilter lid. Foto: Martin Hahn

Koblenz abolishes weekly organic waste collection with biofilter lids in 2020. Where every municipal waste management company would have to fear a storm of indignation from its citizens, the municipal waste disposal company In Koblenz is doing just that: "In summer 2020, all additional emptying of the organic waste garbage can will be discontinued," it says on the website of the Koblenz municipal service company. This is because the 14-day collection in summer will be accompanied by the introduction of the biofilter lid in the city on the Rhine and Moselle. Around 15,000 organic waste garbage cans in the city will be fitted with the biofilter lid, which provides an odor-proof seal for organic waste garbage cans and, with the help of microorganisms, breaks down the fermentation gases produced in the filter chamber into water and carbon dioxide. The lid also prevents flies from entering the garbage can to lay eggs.

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