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With our products based on modern biotechnology, we are a partner to municipal and private waste management.

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At the market since 1966

The founder of BIOLOGIC GmbH & Co. KG, Günter Grodde, was since 1966 with his company Grodde GmbH & Co. KG general agent for Solex carburetors and fuel pumps.

Activities shifted in 1988 to modern biotechnology as a new line of business. Here the focus is on the development of biotechnological products and processes for environmental protection.

In close cooperation with universities, technical colleges and other scientific institutes, a wide variety of products and processes were developed to technical market maturity with a corresponding marketing concept.

Today BIOLOGIC is established on the market as partner of the municipal and private waste management. In addition to its main product, the bio-filter lid for the clean, odor-free and hygienic collection of organic waste, it offers various products for the temporary collection of waste.


Today, the company is managed by Andreas Knappheide, who serves as CEO of the company.


Andreas KnappheideAndreas Knappheide
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